Rafael L.

First of all, my wife and I would like to thank god for giving us the opportunity of meeting Jim Swanson, and for sending him on our way to help us find the home of our dreams for the second time. These words with love and with gratitude are long overdue. It was an unforgettable experience having Jim by our side throughout the entire process. It is difficult to find someone with so many virtues together, professionalism, leadership, tolerance, and patience, and Jim has all those characteristics and so much more. A great achievement in finding our dream home after a long wait became an unbelievable reality with such eagerness and lots of joy. It took lots of patience to find the right house. The one that will accommodate both our budget and our needs. I feel like I don’t have enough words to describe in a nutshell what Jim really means to me and my family. Thank you Jim from the bottom of my heart! For helping us fulfill one of our dreams, without your help and dedication it would have been very difficult to achieve, but you knew how to guide us until we had the keys in our hands. We couldn't have chosen a better person, a friend, perhaps we should say that we consider you to be family. Jim, is without a doubt a very sincere person who does not hide anything, and for me, that is very important and that I also admire a lot. It like somehow he seems to know what is best for you because he truly cares. He is very observant. Value our words to the fullest, there has never been despair from him. He always wanted the best for us from the gecko, putting our interests first. We always had a lot of confidence in him. We are very grateful and pleased for everything he did to make all end in the best way. We are very happy with everything as it happened, and with the positive results, we have obtained. Jim, you are indeed an angel send from heaven. You will always have a place in our hearts. I want you to know that "Mi casa es su casa". I would definitely refer anyone who really intends to buy a home with you. There is no doubt that we will always be infinitely grateful for having helped us fulfill such a great and long-awaited dream of having our home to offer stability to our lives. Jim, we wish you success in your profession. Do not doubt that I will always recommend you and do not change, you are a person who has always done God's work, dedicated, honest and professional. We appreciate you very much.

Paul N.

Choosing the "right” real estate agent, to handle a residential estate sale, seemed like a daunting task! Even more so because the sale would be in a city more than one thousand miles away from where we live. We needed someone we could trust, who would work with us electronically during the period of our engagement and would provide timely communications and follow-up. We searched Zillow and other websites seeking the most highly qualified and experienced agents who also had quality and depth in those providing recommendations. Realtor Jim Swanson (with Windermere Professional Partners) was clearly our #1 choice. What swayed us? After identifying Jim, my wife and I scheduled an extended phone interview with him. Jim's extensive knowledge of and experience in the field, as well as a strong commitment to high ethical practices, were very evident. Within a week’s time, I met with Jim, in person, at the property to be sold. A modest size home in South Tacoma that required considerable internal clean-up in order to be ready for sale. Jim proved to be everything we expected, and more!! From the in-person meeting (April 6, 2019) to the close of escrow (June 21st), Jim served as a trusted and indispensable resource and adviser in helping guide all the steps required to prepare the house for the market and a successful sale.

Melanie S.

If you are looking for the perfect realtor to help you purchase real estate or sell a property, you don't have to look any further than Jim Swanson. Not only is he one of the most responsive business people I have dealt with in my career, but he is also extremely knowledgeable in many other areas that will benefit you as both a buyer or seller. His attention to detail is exceptional, he is tech-savvy so you can call, text, email or etc. To communicate, and he knows a lot of people in corresponding industries so he’s able to provide you with quality/cost-effective referrals. He is a skilled negotiator, and his experience as a home inspector is an added bonus. When faced with an issue or complication that arises during the process, he can quickly assess the situation, provide solutions and advice, and get the job done. Jim is kind and personable and makes you feel like a valued client. Having never met him before seeking a realtor to buy and sell a home, he seems like a friend we’ve had for years. We highly recommend Jim.

Chris & Brenda S.

Jim originally helped us buy our home 4 years ago so when we decided we were going to sell the obvious choice was to give him a call. Originally we were super impressed with how great he was when we bought our house but he's on another level when it comes to selling. The entire process seems like it could be daunting but Jim really does a great job of letting you know exactly what needs to be done to get the process moving. Even though he's super busy he always responds in a timely manner making you feel like you're his only client. It's a shame we moved out of the state because it would be a dream to be able to work with Jim again in buying our next house. Thank you Jim for all your hard work. We appreciate everything you've done for us over the years.


In order to get the best value for my mother's home, I decided to give it a major makeover. On the first day, Jim came over and looked at my task on hand. He provided some great ideas and pointed out several major must-do items. Since summer was a ways away, I slowly chipped away at the rebuild. Once complete, Jim came out and did a fair market guesstimate of the value of the home in its new condition. I agreed with everything he showed and said. He then created a beautiful online display showcasing the house and went right to work at selling it. By the end of the week, he had gotten 6 offers. We end up selling the house well over what we asked, making my mother's future intact. Summing it up My experience with Mr. Swanson's services was A-plus.


We met realtor Jim Swanson in August 2016 when we came up from Vancouver, WA. To Tacoma, WA. Buy a house. He turned out to be a very knowledgeable real estate agent and has a way of making you feel very comfortable in his presence. We scheduled to look at 6 properties in one day and day Jim had a way of making us feel at ease as we went from one property to the next. Our house just sold on June 22, 2020. Our real estate agent for the sale was of course Jim Swanson. You cannot ask for a more professional real estate agent than Jim Swanson. Jim was there for us through the buying of our property and the sale. If you want to be treated with courtesy whether buying or selling a property look no further than Jim Swanson for your real estate needs.

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