Zachary Jankelson

Zachary Jankelson

Real Estate Agent

I was taught from a young age that hard work and a head-down attitude toward productivity are integral in determining one's success, and I've taken these lessons to heart.

As a skilled conversationalist with a premium on building connections, I believe that you cannot have a truly beneficial, productive professional relationship without first nurturing a relationship on the interpersonal level. With a BA in Communications from Gonzaga University (specialty in Interpersonal and Business Communications), building relationships is second nature. In my real estate practice, fostering productive working relationships with cross-agents has translated to customer success on numerous occasions.

My family is deeply involved in real estate development, and it’s been a presence in my life since I was born. Over the years I've gained real-estate experience from multiple angles, spanning from multi-family management to commercial management/investment and beyond. With a lifelong background in property, I've been tempered in the flames of real estate, and I'm eager to use that expertise to get you results.

I was born in Puyallup in 1993. I've lived in Lakewood since 2003. I graduated from Gonzaga University in Spokane in 2016. Washington is in my bones, and it always will be. Seeing client success is the mission. Washington's real estate market provides homeowners, present and future, with tremendous opportunities for personal financial success, and, more importantly, a place to call home.

It would be an honor to be a part of making that happen for you.


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